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Fundación SNP Patagonia Sur

Fundación SNP Patgonia Sur is a Chilean-based nonprofit that was formally incorporated as such on October 27, 2008.

The Fundación SNP Patagonia Sur’s mission is to encourage conservation and promote social and economic development in Chile’s Patagonia in harmony with the region’s incredible natural environment.

The Foundation promotes this mission through the following activities:

  • Educational initiatives teaching English and encouraging environmental awareness in schools and communities;
  • Protection, conservation and enhancement of ecologically-fragile and unique areas;
  • Facilitation of local community engagement in sustainable development and long-term planning in the region.

Chile’s Patagonia is considered one of the world’s most remarkable natural environments. It is also extremely vulnerable to environmental damage. Fundacion Patagonia Sur believes that successfully promoting conservation is directly linked to increased opportunities for social and economic development for the people who inhabit this region.

The rise of national and international tourism in the region has brought increasing opportunities for economic development, and also related environmental risks. Patagonia Sur believes that a healthy future for southern Chile’s ecology and its inhabitants is linked to promoting and developing the area as world-class environmental sanctuary. A guiding principle is to work with local communities as partners to promote both social development and ecological preservation.

Critical to such development is improving educational opportunities for children and adults of the region. Local residents have identified English as an important skill necessary for them to participate more fully in economic development in the region. In response, building English skills forms one of the pillars of the Foundation’s programmatic areas.

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