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Native Species Nursery
Workers in Palena Bagging plants
Plants in the Nursery
Plants in the Nursery

Fundación Patagonia Sur is promoting conservation by cultivating native tree and plant species to be used for reforestation in the areas where we work.  The foundation began work on the native species nursery in Palena in August 2009. The nursery, located less than a kilometer from town, cultivates plants from seeds collected in the region and also from saplings transplanted from nearby forests.  Currently in its pilot phase, the nursery has planted Matién, Notro, Coihue, Ñirre, Lenga, and Mountain Cypress.  The project was developed and is overseen by forester Fernando Grandon and is administered by two local agricultural technicians. 

The nursery will provide a supply of tree and plant species endemic to the Lakes and Aysén regions that today is scarce.  It is our hope that reforestation with native species will increase in coming years in southern Chile, especially given new forestry laws in Chile that support native species reforestation. 
In addition to promoting environmental conservation through reforestation with native species, the nursery also provides educational opportunities for local students who participate in school visits and learn about native forests and the cultivating process.  The nursery and organic garden are pillars of the foundation’s environmental education program that strives to promote awareness about local and global environmental issues.
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