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Environmental Education Program
Battery Recycling Campaign in Futaleufú.
Children from the Escuela Básica Roberto White receiving native trees from the nursery of the Foundation.
Students in action during an Environmental Education Workshop.

Fundación Patagonia Sur believes that change is rooted in education. We believe that one of the best ways to promote our mission is through the implementation of educational programs.

The foundation began its focus on environmental education in 2008 with a workshop for educators in the region that encouraged their incorporation of the natural environment in school and community activities. Since then, Fundación Patagonia Sur has worked with local schools and communities in Futaleufú and Palena to implement activities that promote environmental awareness and conservation.

In 2010, the foundation’s English Education teachers are leading environmental education initiatives in their schools and communities to promote awareness of local and global environmental issues. They are teaching about ways to reduce humans’ impact on the environment via workshops about composting, recycling, and leading a sustainable lifestyle.

Activities began in February with the creation of an Eco-Camp in Palena. The camp included workshops taught by three Scouts Leaders from Santiago and were attended by 20 children.

Throughout the year, Melanie Kurtz and Brendon O'Connell, English Education teachers in Futaleufu and Palena respectively, have been developing environmental education workshops in their schools. They perform weekly activities related to environmental stewardship, including visits to parks, hands-on activities connecting students to the local flora and fauna, a battery recycling program, and much more.

Additionally, the teachers have built composting bins in each school and have worked with kitchen staff and students who have assumed responsibility for separating organic and inorganic materials and operating the compost.

Melanie and Brendon have noted that one of the major successes of the Environmental Education Program is the motivation it has created in the community.

“I see teachers in the school implementing environmentally based activities in the classroom. More specifically to our programs, I think my workshop with the Ecology Brigade has been incredibly successful. We have implemented a number of activities and projects that are working great, and this is always exciting” said Melanie Kurtz, who is in charge of the environmental workshops at the school in Futaleufú.

Next year’s goals:
  • 90% of the aluminum cans entering Palena and Futaleufú are sold and
    removed from the area.
  • 60 kilos of organic waste is collected monthly from the kitchen in both schools in Palena and Futaleufú
  • 30 families separating their waste in their homes.
  • 20 kilos of batteries collected monthly at the two schools to be taken to Santiago for proper disposal.
The Foundation hopes to create various artistic projects made out of different recycled materials in the schools.

Generating environmental awareness is also crucial which is why Fundacion Patagonia Sur plans to host monthly activities in the schools in collaboration with the Natural Science teachers. Additionally, we are planning activities between the two with a very similar format to the English Olympics.

There will also be activities with other organizations such as the Eco-camp, where Scout leaders come to the region to run workshops for children and adults. It will be important to incorporate other activities that bring together different actors such as the Chamber of Tourism, Ecological Brigade, CONAF and the police.
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