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Productive Development Program
This year, the productive development program has grown notably.  Encompassing multiple areas, this project seeks to increase the income of the families living in Palena as well as support female entrepreneurs in the area. 

One of the reasons that this project has been largely successful is that its programs are concrete, use a clear methodology, have measurable results, and create direct benefits to the community.

Organic Garden and Network of Local Producers

Melissa Alarcón, head of the Organic Garden and Local Network of Producers
Estela Bucaray is one of the 10 women who participate in the Local Network of Producers. She was selected for her tenacious spirit and high level of competency.
View of the Foundation’s organic garden
In December 2009, the Foundation began the construction of its own organic garden. The garden is semi-circular, simulating a half Mandala, and the spiral gardening techniques  facilitate a diverse organic product while simultaneously increasing yields.

One of the long term objectives of the garden is to meet 100% of the need for fresh produce at Patagonia Sur, a local tourism operator located in nearby Valle California. The Foundation hopes that the garden will be a space that is used by the community to familiarize themselves with new agricultural techniques. Through a series of workshops to be held at the organic garden, community members who grow produce locally will be able to put these new organic techniques into practice.

Another objective of the garden is to facilitate the local consumption of agricultural products by creating partnerships between the region’s producers and forming networks around the commercialization of vegetable products.

In 2010, the Foundation worked with the Program for Local Development (PRODESAL) to create a local network of organic producers.  The objective of this network is to increase the income of women who live in rural areas, rescue local agricultural traditions, and improve the quality of produce available at market,  all while encouraging environmentally friendly practices.

To date, there are 10 women who are participating in the program, many of whom have been growing fruits and vegetables for years.

Currently, we are in a process of training, and Melissa Alarcón, the organizer and head of the project, is leading workshops in organic agriculture, soil and undergrowth preparation, biodiversity, intercropping, organic fertilizers, and the utilization of space.

This December, we hope that those participating in the program will be able to put what they have learned to practice in their own gardens and greenhouses. To ensure successful application of the techniques they have been practicing, the producers will be evaluated in the field, and in the coming year, the Foundation will help these women position their products as organic.

“One of the greatest strengths of this program is that the women feel included in what the Foundation is trying to accomplish. We have a lot of support for the program from the Municipality, and have been able to confront a lot of the issues that our producers facethrough our programming,” commented Melissa Alarcón.
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