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Productive Development Program
Rescue of Productive Trades – Knitters Pilot Project

Carmen Sandoval, a local knitter, crocheting in a workshop on murals that was offered by the Foundation.
Carmen Sandoval, a local knitter; Maria Jesus Brautigam, workshop facilitator; Lucy La Voz and Clarita Agüero, local knitters and Daniela Diez, Coordinator of the Knitters Pilot Project.
Sample ofone of the products handcrafted by the women of the Knitters Pilot Project.
The artisans of Patagonia have passed their knowledge and techniques from generation to generation. Unfortunately, many of these local craftsmen and women have stopped practicing their tradesdue to an inability to market and sell their products. In this manner, many valuable local traditions are being lost.

For this reason, the Fundación Patagonia Sur has worked to develop a group of local knitters in Palena with the aim to rescue this fadingpractice and recognize the true value of these artisanal labors and their natural products. 

The Foundation has trained 5 local knitters, holding workshops in design and innovation, natural staining techniques, and murals. From the shearing of the sheep, to the production of yarn dyed naturally with roots and the knit of the textile itself, the processes involved are 100% natural, and to date, our group of knitters has been able to sell more then 20 products.

For the upcoming season, the Foundation hopes that the tourism operators in nearby Valle California will offer an assortment of productsthat have been handcrafted by those working in our pilot project. While at the same time providing one kind souvenirs to visiting investors, this agreement giveslocalartisans increased access to national and international markets. Moreover, Patagonia Sur guides who work in Valle California will wear sweaters made by local knitters while performing their dutiesthis summer in an effort to promote local tradesmen and women.

According to Daniela Diaz, Coordinator of Social Projects and head of the program, working with the knitters has been a pleasure. “We’ve found ourselves with very talented women who have a deep knowledge of their trade and great potential. Through various activities and monthly visits, we have gotten to know these women and realized that, if their techniques are good, with a few accessories we can put together products that are commercially viable without losing the essence of the products or the identity of their makers.”
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