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Productive Development Program
Support for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Betty Figueroa, local entrepreneur with her artisanal products: liquors, marmalades, and preserves.
Magdalena Carvallo, local knitter and Betty Figueroa at the Fair of Local Suppliers hosted by Patagonia Verde in Hualaihué.
Isabel Videla, one of the 6 entrepreneurs who were visited by the Foundation. The executive chef of Patagonia Sur, Julio Vargas, accompanied foundation staff on these visits, giving advice to each participant on how to improve the quality of their products.

In Palena, there is a group of Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs that has been formalized by the local governing body. The  group consist of women who are dedicated to making homemade jams and jellies, artisanal liquors, and preserves. These products are made with local fruits and herbs such as rose hip and currant amongst others.

Throughout the year, the Foundation visited six local producers in an effort to get to know these women and their flavorful products. In the end, those products that demonstrated the highest quality were selected to be consumed by the staff of the tourist operations in Valle California, generating more income for local families and once again exposing their products to a new market.

In the upcoming year, the Foundation hopes to hold multiple workshops for these local entrepreneurs in an effort to increase the flavor, presentation, and overall quality of their products.

Moreover, the Foundation aspires to work closely with two entrepreneurs as they develop their business models over the next year — one who makes artisanal crafts and another who works in the field of gastronomy.
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